Re-assessing assessment

It’s the twenty-first Century!  What should assessment look like for learners with profound and multiple or severe learning difficulties?

This group of learners is not well served by the literature on assessment. Inevitably, most research and discussion is focused upon the imperatives of school systems within which they simply do not feature. Contexts and examples illustrating key texts on assessment, and therefore the theories themselves, have very limited resonance with practitioners in what is a highly specialised field. Whilst assessment is also a major topic of discussion within special education literature, here it is still dominated by what is ultimately a parochial topic –  the past and current status of assessment against the National Curriculum in England. As a result, readers may only connect superficially with broader theoretical perspectives on assessment.

The pages below are my own ongoing reflections – attempts at re-interpreting broader assessment themes specifically for practitioners working with learners who have significant additional learning needs: