Routes to …

Routes to Literacy and Routes to Numeracy are components of the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework in Wales. They provide a progression for learners with Additional Learning Needs (ALN) leading from the more advanced items of the Routes for Learning Routemap through to the age-related expectations for learners in ‘nursery’.

Because age-related comparisons are not helpful (and can be demeaning when applied to learners with ALN) the ‘Routes to …’ components are divided into columns relating to a broad developmental progression and are referred to as ‘A, B and C Steps’.

It is important to understand the ‘RfL column’ in Routes to Literacy and Routes to Numeracy which identifies precursors to literacy and numeracy skills.   If a learner has not yet achieved ‘shared attention’ (box 40) on the Routes for Learning Routemap,  the Routemap will continue to provide the best guide to progression.  If  however, ‘shared attention’ has been consolidated, then the learner may also be achieving some success on progression statements within A steps.

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When used alone, the progression statements themselves (as they appear in the framework) can easily be mis-interpreted.  The following documents provide additional guidance when assessing learners who are working on A, B and C steps:

Assessment support for learners with additional learning needs:

Oracy across the curriculum

Reading across the curriculum

Writing across the curriculum

Numeracy across the curriculum